Before the age of the personal computer I spent some 17 years pursuing the dream to build mechanical instruments that can 'draw in space'. I succeeded, and made many 3D drawings with them. However I am still waiting for a simple inexpensive computer set-up that can do the same thing with a 3D mouse as an input device.

Drawing In Space (1975) explains the principle of the 3D drawing instrument Interview with Jean Poulot published in Stereo World March/April 2006
Three Dimensional Drawing Instruments (1981) explains both the 3DD and and the Skiometer, an instrument for drawing shadows Download the press release for Drawing in Space :
Stereoscopic Drawings
by Vladimir Tamari

3D Center of Art & Photography, Portland Oregon, USA
September 28 through October to November 8, 2006. Besides the stereoscopic drawings one of Tamari's 3DD instruments was exhibited.
  Stereo graphics of the Japan Earthquake and Disaster. A pdf of my article published in Stereo World May/June 2011