A Beautiful Universe Font to Illustrate My Physics Papers

In 2005 I designed these figures using font-design software and installed it as 'Beautiful Universe' font. Then in applications like Adobe Illustrator this 'font' appeared in the list of the other Latin or Arabic fonts. The payoff was in the ease with which I could actually type these shapes from the keyboard, to an illustratiion with line drawings and normal text. This saved a lot of time and effort for otherwise I would have had to paste and align each shape separately.

Each sphere represents the dielectric node which I concluded is the basic 'building block' of the universe. The (+ - ) marks and the axis betwen them show the polarity and phase respectively, while the internal arrows indicate the spin or density of a node. Nodes with faster spin have a darker outline. For example the 'thin' nodes in the second to the bottom row might make up the vacuum, while those in the top row make up subatomic particles. The external dotted arrows show the forward momentum. Please go to my Physics and Math section to read the full Beautiful Universe physics papers and their many illustrations using this font , such as this one below:

Illustration from my Digital or Analog paper showing the potential Φ and the momentum p of a node. The phase is shown in the red Bloch sphere, and the corresponding term from a Schrodinger Equation below it.