My experience with a UN team photographing Palestinian refugees cross the Jordan River in the aftermath of the 1967 war

The massacre of Palestinians at Sabra and Shatila camps in Beirut in 1982. I made a painting and co-edited a book about the events.


A STRANGE VISIT: Account by my sister Vera Tamari of a night raid by Israeli soldiers on her home in Ramallah THE WAR ON GAZA: In the Company of Stories and Images. By my sister Tania Tamari Nasir

Del Reynolds, my school principal and choir director in Ramallah. has a proposal for peace in Palestine Israel

Download a pdf of a re-written and unpdated "Plan for Peace" by Del Reynolds. March 2015
edward-said-visit.jpg Vladimir talks about Edward Said Following the death of Edward Said, a Japanese Journal interviewed me about our friendship Download the interview in English as PDF
Download the original interview in Japanese as PDF
Watch Vladimir's ALQUDS القدس Arab Jerusalem , a 17-minute film he made in 1968 on the first anniversary of the fall of the city of his birth to the Israelis.
My 1969 proposal of how we should make films to reflect Palestinian reality and aspirations
pflp-logo-thmb.jpg The Birth of the Logo of the Popular Front For the Liberation of Palestine in 1969 
How a friend and I designed a logo for the Palestinian resistance movement following the Arab-Israeli war of 1967
palestine-posters.jpg A link to all the posters I designed for Palestine archived at the Palestine Posters Project. Several of these posters were selected to be preserved in the UNESCO Memory of Mankind archives. Memoire about my best friend Hani Jawharieh, killed by an Israeli rocket while filming a battle involving the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon in 1976.
The Arabic original
English translation