Beautiful Universe: Reconstructing Physics from New First Principles
My 2005 "theory of everything" online. Download the PDF revised and updated October 2011

Einstein Theorized, but the Universe, Like Old Man River, Just Keeps Rolling Along. My Foundational Questions Contest essay.  How to restructure physics without Einstein's premises.
bu-simul-animated-thumb.gif Beautiful Universe BASIC 2D Simulation
The first proof of concept of how momentum propagates over an array of nodes according to the model.
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Fix Physics!
My 2012 paper submitted to the FQXI Foundational Questions Contest Download the PDF

United Dipole Field : The dipole e/m field from a quantum and relativistic viewpoint

It can also be read online on Arxiv


Diffraction to De-diffraction : Time-reversed waves that do not diffract.

It can also be read online on Arxiv

Three Magnetic Dipoles Provide A Physically Realistic Simulation of the
Repulsive Attractive Nature of the Strong Force and of the Cabibbo Angle
A quantitative simulation using Beautiful Universe paradigm Download the PDF
Calibrated Digital Imaging Systems The theory-supported by experiments- of an unconventional imaging system Download the PDF

The Cancellation of Diffraction in Wave Fields
A qualitative description of the de-diffraction idea supported by ripple-tank experiments

Is Reality Digital Or Analog? Physics Is Undecided - A Beautiful Universe Theory Answers.
My 2011 paper submitted to the FQXI Foundational Questions Contest Download the PDF

super-microscope-thmb.jpg My 1983 idea for a super-resolving time-resolved microscopy that independently won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Download a PDF of the same story.

مقالة حول فكرة منع الحيود نشرت في ١٠ تموز ١٩٨٨  فلسطين الثورة
Article about de-diffraction published in Arabic in Falastine Al-Thawra  (Palestine Liberation Organization Magazine)  10 July 1988. The importance of de-diffraction - if it works - in telescopes computer memory  satellite imaging and radar etc. Al-Hasan bin Al-Haytham's (Hazen) image is shown in the article.

Bow-wave Geometry
Huygens' wavelets when the source has forward momentum

How Should Humanity Steer the Future?: An Interview with Einstein In Heaven My lighthearted 2014 contribution to the 2014 FQXI Foundational Questions essay contest Join the Online Discussion

Fermat's Last Theorem: a simple general proof ? I tried... fqxi2015.jpg The Micro Structure of the Universe Explains How it Works, How We Think, Our Physics, & the Tricky Effectiveness of Mathematics in That Physics My short essay for the 2015 Foundational Questions contest on the uncanny relationship between mathematics and physics.Join the Online Discussion

The Cloud of Unknowing & the Itsy Bitsy Universe.
My 2013 paper about the necessity to acknowledge the absolute physical reality of Nature in our physical theories.Submitted to the FQXI Foundational Questions Contest.
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