No more loose sneaker laces! Use my method to solve this common problem.

Make a permanent but adjustable knot for your sneakers (or shoes). Just follow the instructions below to create the knot. This has to be done only once - after that tighten up the sneaker in one easy step - just by pulling the loops in the direction of the green arrows. To loosen the sneaker just pull out at its sides (not the laces). I have been using this method for years, and found it creates a comfortable fit.
How to make the one-time permanent knot:

1- First make sure the laces are threaded properly through the eyelets as usual. Measure out equal lengths of the laces as shown (about six inches or 15 cm each strand) .

2- Cut .

3- Tie up just the lace ends together into a permanent square knot (not the usual looped knot used for sneakers and shoes). Make it tight, trimming any loose ends as shown.

4- Pull out the laces between the first and second eyelets to make loops on each side. This brings the permanent knot flat against the sneaker in the center. It should remain in that position forever and ever.