Like the famous Mt. Fuji, Mt. Asama in central Japan has been the subject of many paintings and ukiyo-e prints. Our family was lucky to enjoy several summers holidaying in the the town of Karuizawa which lies at the slopes of this beautiful mountain. Mt. Asama is now dormant but was an active volcano with a conical summit as depicted in these prints by Eisen (left) and Hiroshige made in 1835 and 1859).
A later eruption gave Asama its present-day outline seen in this 1992 photo, with the rims of a crater visible at the top of the otherwise smooth curve of the summit. I made nine watercolors of Asama in 1987. On the back cover of my sketchbook my daughter Mona, still a child, pasted a brilliant collage of printed cloths to depict the same view.
See Vladimir's 1987watercolors and Mona's collage